Monday, 9 February 2009

What, another food blog?

What?? Surely, not another food blog!! you say. Hasn’t the subject of food been covered enough and done to death? So what can be new in the food world??

Well, yes, this IS a food blog…BUT….we aim to take a slightly sideways approach to it. Yes we will talk about food, recipes, dishes, ingredients etc. However, we also aim to explore the commonalities and mutualities among the world cuisines, global cuisine and different cultures, communities and regions. Food helps people connect from all parts of the world, regardless of cast, creed or religion.

In England they say the weather is a great ice breaking topic. We believe food is an equally excellent and under-rated icebreaker. Have you noticed how when you throw strangers together they tend to congregate around the drinks and food tables? Even if you don’t have anything in common with the next person you will find, invariably, that you can share some comments about the food and from thereon lead into other subjects. No need to have shared interests. Just tuck
in and enjoy talking about it!

Here at FoodWiz4U we love food and, over the years, have found that food has been central to many key events and developments in our lives. We have created many dishes, innovated many, shared many and broken much bread with many many friends, family and relatives. Many joyful and memorable moments are around sharing food, exploring different varieties of dishes, trying out new dishes and ingredients and delighting in the resulting heavenly, finger licking and absolutely scrumptious outcomes.

Living in London we are blessed with access to all kinds of ingredients and varieties of fruits and vegetables from almost all over the world. We have used every opportunity to try out dishes from different world cuisines, either by eating out or even trying out the dishes at home. We have learnt to utilise and enjoy local foods and dishes, sometimes jazzing them up with little touches from our own cultural cuisine.

There has been great pleasure in being creative and innovative and developing new dishes which I guess you could call fusion cooking because it borrows from different communities, cultures and regions.

Others who love their foods but just don’t have the time to cook from first principles as used to happen ‘back home’ have found ways of shortening the cooking processes, and creating short cut dishes.

Here at FoodWiz4U we hope to share our joy and pleasure of food as well as entertain you with our ramblings, musings and rants about various food related topics and we invite you to join us by sharing your comments and views too.

We know food can also be a powerful healer, remember the famous Hippocrates' saying ‘Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.’

Well, with so many doctors in our family we do tend to often [but maybe not enough] look beyond instant gratification and consider the nutritional and healing properties of food and we hope to offer some nuggets of wisdom on that too!

Food is also an emotive subject – not only does it satisfy your most basic instincts but can lead to pretty heated debates!

We promise you an entertaining excursion in the world of food and food related topics here!


  1. Liked the blog title, food wizzard, sounds very jazzyyy...looks like you have got so much to write.. I MUST SAY YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK, i liked the way u started and continued, its very polished...thanks for sharing...

  2. secrets and intricacies of indian cooking
    Indiamn cooking uses the same spices and ingredients as are used in any major cookery style, be it italin, middles eastern, eastern asian, chinese or european with very little differences, which can usually be overcome by using the locally available substitutes.
    Today I will try to explain the most basic indian concept of flavouring the oil for cooking called tempering, chhaunk or tadka. This is usually done at the begining, or at the end, or at both the begining and the end.
    As i said before that spices used are the same the world over, but flavouring the oil is unique to indian cookery