Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Food = Our Fuel for Optimum Health

My take on food: I like and believe the Hippocrates' saying ‘Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.’ And so I do try and make healthy food choices as far as possible. Lest I should come across as all pious and righteous, please be assured, I do enjoy some naughty foods too [high fat, high salt etc.].

Over the years I have become more conscious of what we eat and how it affects our body. I believe the human body is like a finely tuned, high-performance, top-of-the range car. It is an amazing system capable of much given the right and appropriate fuels, maintenance and attention. Unfortunately, nowadays, the motor vehicle receives more attention than the human body. Most people treat their cars with love, affection, regular care and maintenance and are ultra careful about ensuring that only the manufacturer’s recommended gas, oil and lubrication is used to run and maintain their vehicle.

The human body on the other hand is taken for granted. Good health is taken for granted and attention and care only applied in the absence of good health. Our body is the one and only body we have in this lifetime. It is our high performance vehicle, which if treated right, will ensure that our life’s journey is healthful, zestful, trouble free and worry free. With a little bit of thoughtful and regular attention we can ensure that our body supports us fully in our life’s journey, so that we are at our optimum health at all times and can deliver peak performance in any situation.

What kind of attention and maintenance does our body require? All bodies are unique and each body will have its individual needs and requirements. In order to assess what OUR body requires we need to be empowered to make informed decisions and choices about it. The baseline or guiding principle should be a prohealth approach to our body. We do not have to wait for it to break down before we give it some attention. After all we don’t usually wait for our car to break down, do we?

If we have a high performance car we will ensure that we have regular checks and that we give it the right fuels for optimum performance. It’s the same with the human body. OUR body. It is our most valuable asset and should be safeguarded and protected as such. What’s the best way to look after our body? How do we know what is good for our body or what our body needs? How do we choose?

I believe in the 21st Century there is so much information easily available to help us learn about how to look after ourselves that we need to take responsibility for maintaining good health. In order to do so we need to learn about the best foods that will fuel and support our body and avoid the ones that harm us.

Don’t panic, you don’t need to rush into a nutrition course. Just become more conscious and thoughtful about what you eat. Empower yourself with enough information to help you make informed decisions about your food choices.

And, of course, you can always check in regularly on this blog for some tips on healthy eating and delicious recipes.


  1. wowwww, its nicely phrased and very sequential...the tiltle goes very well with this blog...Now I dont have to go anywhere looking around for tips to maintain good health and am looking forward for delicious and mouthwatering recipe...So please keep writing and share your views with us :)

  2. Payal...thank you for your encouraging is very motivating to hear you have liked reading what I have written and it will certainly spur me on to write more!