Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Healthy? : 7 pro-health tips

Hi, to carry on from my earlier discussion about fuelling your body with healthy foods for optimum health and fitness - I call this a pro-health approach to your body and health which embraces more than just the intake of food.

So what do you need to be pro-health?

1. Information

In the 21st Century we, especially in the Western economies, are surrounded by an abundance of opportunities and choices regarding the fuelling, feeding and fitness of our body. Often we make decisions and choices prompted by the latest food or diet fad rather than basing it on relevant knowledge and information. We need to arm ourselves with a broad range of health information about the functioning of our body and about the right nutrition that will nourish our body and keep it functioning well. We need to be proactive and seek out healthy living ideas, products and information.

2. Preventative measures

Armed with the relevant health ideas and information you are empowered to prevent ill health or disease developing. Just like your precious car, you do not need to wait for your good health to break down. You can instead be proactive and take preventative measures to inhibit poor health and maximise good health. Fire prevention rather than fire fighting. For example, eating nutrient rich foods and taking appropriate supplements from an earlier age [whilst you are in your 20s and 30s] may prevent various aging ailments such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s, joint problems, etc.

3. Regular and positive health habits

For vibrant, vital and optimum health, you need to incorporate regular and positive health habits that support and nurture your body. These can be simple daily strategies such as getting adequate sleep, eating regularly, eating healthy foods as much as possible, managing stress constructively etc.

4. Motivation

Keep yourself motivated by visualising and always keeping at the forefront of your mind the kind of body and health you want to have. Focus on the positive i.e. yourself in good health rather than the negative of you suffering ill health. Visualise yourself as a slim, well toned, healthy body which has tons of stamina and energy that will sustain you in your life’s journey. Focus on nutrient rich foods that will fuel and sustain this body.

5. Physical fitness

While consuming nutrient rich superfoods will fuel your body for good health, you need to complement this with physical fitness for OPTIMUM health. The human body needs to move and move regularly. You need to ensure you incorporate physical movements and exercises in your daily life, whether it is something casual like a walk or a fitness workout regime, choose what suits you and your circumstances and make this one of your regular and positive health habits mentioned above.

6. Mental & Emotional Health

These are often overlooked aspects of the human health. A positive mental mindset will influence your physical health and vice versa. Take stress for example, a stressed person will invariably develop physical symptoms unless that stress is managed constructively. Stress begins in the mind, when the mind perceives that it does not have the capacity to deal with a challenge. Learning to deal constructively and effectively with life’s challenges will empower you mentally and emotionally. Managing your own mind and mindset are easily learnt skills which are invaluable in your life’s journey.

7. Spiritual/humanitarian health

The human mind only needs a why and it can confront and deal with many difficulties. So said the famous philosopher Nietche. What is your ‘why’? Your purpose, your connection with others? Do explore what philosophical or spiritual beliefs are in line with your values. What difference do you make to this world? What is your contribution to this world? How would you like the world to remember you when you are no more? These kinds of thoughts may not seem important or relevant to you as you struggle through daily life. However, it does inform all your decisions and choices and is well worth some effort. It will ground and stabilise you.

Wishing you great health always!

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